HDSS® Hi-Res Stereo Earphone


“Perfect for All Music Lovers” The world’s first
   pure audio earphone

NUARL’s first High-end Pure Audio Ear Phone Series, pursuing the recreation of pure music. Starting with applying the large diameter high resolution driver, this earphone applies countless audio technology such as HDSS and silver plated oxygen-free copper wire, while maintaining its product quality, and is the perfect choice for all music lovers.


Technology Combination to Pursue Sound

The stereo earphone uses φ10mm dynamic type single driver with “High Resolution Certification”, a titanium alloy deposed diaphragm which could play up to 5Hz~70KHz, surpassing the register of high resolution sound source, and balanced both ultra-wideband and high resolution play-back. Also, by building in ETL module in the dual chamber structured acoustic chamber for sharp bass, noises in the unit are reduced to create realistic performance.


Handmade Mirror Gloss Stainless Unit
Metal Injection Molding units using tough stainless steel are hand-crafted carefully into a mirror gloss, creating a beautiful glow which is impossible for plating. Hybrid structure combining metal and resin prevents resonance between the materials, creating the clear sound just like its body.


Cable concerning both sound quality and

The core wire of the cable uses silver plated oxygen-free copper wire to send input signals in high speed. Even the high density signal of high resolution sound sources are able to be sent to the driver thoroughly. Coated with straight-type gold plate 3-pole plug to reduce influence caused by vibration.


● Driver unit : φ10mm Hi-Res Dynamic Type Single
● Impedance : 32Ω
● Sensitivity : 105dB/1mW
● Max input power : 10mW
● Frequency range : 5〜70,000Hz
● Cable : Full Length 120cm, Silver Plate Oxygen-free
   Twisted Pair Copper Wire
● Plug type : φ3.5mm Straight-type Gold Plate 3-pole


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