HA-FXZ200 (Triple Dynamic Driver)

● "LIVE BEAT SYSTEM" reproduces real deep bass
   sound and high resolution sound
● "Stream Woofer" by Kelton-method reproduces rich
   and real deep bass sound with carbon diaphragm
   unit and the stream duct
● Special tuned "Twin System Unit" with Carbon
   Nanotubes and Carbon Diaphragm reproduce clear
   mid and high range frequency
● "Brass unit base" reduce unnecessary vibration and
   distortion, reproduces high definition sound
● OFC copper cord coated with pure silver enhances
   the sharpness and the clarity of the sound.


● Driver Unit : 5.8 + 5.8 + 8.8mm
● Frequency Response : 5 - 26,000 Hz
● Impedance : 16 ohms
● Sensitivity : 96 dB/1 mW
● Max. Input Capability : 150m W(IEC)
● Plug : 3.5mm 24K Gold plated plug
● Cord Length : 1.2m OFC cable (coated with pure
● Weight : 11g (without cord)


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